The Makeover Experience

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The Make up & Hair Styling

This is an exciting part of the whole boudoir experience and our make up artists will ensure that you are pampered and feel relaxed and beautiful before the shoot starts. They will advise you on the best colours that suit you and the look that you want to achieve. You can have your hair up, down, straight, curly our experienced stylists will be happy to create the look you want. The transformation into a goddess begins.

The makeover itself, that’s the hair and the make up, usually takes about an 1 1/2 hour but it depends on whether you have long or short hair so it may vary. But we never book one shoot straight after the other as we want to ensure that you are relaxed and we can take our time to get the best from your boudoir shoot experience.

What to wear

After your makeover its time to get into your sexy outfits. We have a private changing area for you so that you can feel comfortable changing into your lingerie. We recommend that you bring a dressing gown with you so that you are comfortable between sets.

We provide an array of different props and accessories, including voiles, organza, jewellery, long leather gloves, fans, feather boas, Venetian masks (this is a genuine one from my hols last year, its fab!) and lots more !!

So what should you bring? Well its really up to you but anything that you feel sexy in is a good start. But here are some ideas if you are not sure.

  • Stockings and suspenders
  • Basques
  • Matching bar and Knicker sets
  • Your man’s favourite shirt (we have even had ladies bring their man’s favourite football shirt)
  • Leather and latex wear
  • Killer Heels (a must)
  • Sexy Boots with equally fantastic heels

Before & After Shots

Here are some of our lovely ladies who have allowed us to use their before and after the makeover photographs, the transformations make our ladies feel fabulous and after the shoot they want to do it all over again.

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We can transform any woman into a beautiful goddess, not even the top models fall out of bed looking gorgeous, they usually have an entourage of make up and hair stylists so why shouldn’t you experience the same. Book a boudoir shoot today and have some fun…